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Made in a laboratory by a dental technician with the mould of your mouth previously taken by the dentist. There are different kind of prothesis.

Fixed prosthodontics:
Crown : When the tooth is too damaged for a classical repair. They are fitted on the tooth's root and represents the apparent part of the tooth. If the tooth has suffered a root canal treatment and is too damaged, it's necessary to create an inlaycore which holds the crown.

Bridge :
It's really a bridge that needs 2 supports : the 2 teeth on either side of the gap, called the abutments wich are attached to the pontic, the crown replacing the missing tooth. This works involves crowning the both teeth which will be the supports.

Removable :
Dentures : They are made with a metal basis which is thin and strong. This basis is supported by the gum and the teeth. This helps for a better forces dispatching. The retention of the denture is done by

Removable full dentures :
They replace the whole teeth. The natural suction force within the mouth should keep the dentures in place. Unfortunately, in some cases, this retention is not strong enough and the complete loss of teeth is a problem. This can be resolved with attachments placed on implants.

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