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Tooth decay, like all other diseases, must be treated as soon as possible (before the first pain) in order to avoid complications.

Silver filling : They can be removed, carefully, because they are deficient, unaesthetic or might be dangerous for health as they contain mercury. They are replaced by synthetic resin, called composite, which are white coloured as natural teeth.

Inlay/Onlay : in certain cases, cavities done by tooth decay concern such a large part of the tooth that it can not be repaired by classical restoration.

That's why, we have to ask a dental technician to build an hybrid piece made of resin and ceramic stronger than a composite which be able to support the forces of mastication. This piece will be sticked and will fit the cavity.

Endodontic : Usualy called root canal treatment. Unfortunately, sometimes they are unevitable. Today they are painless. They are often at the origin of infection because they don't fill correctly the canal of the nerve or because they are really too old.

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